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Brutus of Totnes Book, Illustrated children’s book telling of the connection between Totnes and the Roman Senator – Brutus.

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Product Description: Brutus of Totnes Book

Brutus of Totnes Book. In Totnes there is an ordinary stone easily missed were it not for the big sign above it saying ‘Brutus Stone’ with a big arrow pointing downwards, on the shop wall of 37 High Street Totnes. The authors Children were in the ‘how and why age’, and she found a little booklet of Brutus where it told the legends of Devon. The legend of Brutus coming from Troy and landing in Totnes was very short and not very satisfactory. It was vague and in the end cancelled out by the remarks that Brutus was a corruption of Bruitier, the French town crier, and that Town crier would announce the news to the towns people from the top of the stone.

Exploring further into the hills the author and her children discovered the most wondrous shapes on Dartmoor. The tors change shape constantly, whether a cloud moved across or the rain comes down, when clouds are so low, that they form a thick mist and hide the rocks and make them move as the mist moves. When the sun rises, and when the sun sets. Often the Tors come alive and the children would point out a head or a foot or a giant hand, a man with a cap or a big belly. There are also monsters, dragons and dinosaurs.

The author and her children discovered Stone circles and Stone rows and Bronze age settlement names Grimspound and many other settlements elsewhere. The children wanted to know how long ago they had been built and how they lived there. Then sat on the side of the Sphinx shaped rock on Hay Tor, the story began.

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