Growing up Healthy in a World of Digital Media

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Growing up Healthy in a World of Digital Media: A guide for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents.

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Product Description: Growing up Healthy in a World of Digital Media

Growing up Healthy in a World of Digital Media. Hardly a day passes that one does not hear or read something topical on the theme of digitalization. However, there are increasingly warning voices, especially from the spheres of science, medicine and developmental psychology. Research results from the many studies presented which indicate the side-effects and dangers from premature digitalization in nursery schools and schools: Impairment of frontal lobe development and the related autonomous thought and control capabilities, postural and eye damage, loss of empathy, deficiencies in verbal powers of expression, dependence on social networks, the danger of addiction…

Developmental neurologists such as Professor Hüther and economic experts such as McAfee agree that in a future world determined by information technology, what is needed above all is creativity, social competence, as well as an ability to think and act entrepreneurially…

The Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma who created Alibaba, said at a world economic forum in Davos: Instead of cramming knowledge, which after all every computer gives you access to at the press of a button, schools should teach “values, trust, independent thinking, teamwork”, and give more space to creative subjects such as art, culture, music and sport. These creative and entrepreneurial competencies, however, have their developmental foundation in the real world, not in the digital world!


We have to consider this paradox. One needs a clear information and practical tips for guiding children and adolescents at their respective ages, so as to avoid the possible damages. That is the goal of this media guidebook. It illustrates what children and adolescents require to gain healthy entry into an age of media technology. Authors replaced by many experts and organisations – the supporters and sponsors of this guidebook. What unites them is their love for young people and the great responsibility we have towards them… Excerpts from the Introduction by Dr. Michaela Glöckler.