Keeleco Lullaby Lamb – 25cm


Keeleco NEW 100% recycled range from Keel Toys.

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Product Description: Keeleco Lullaby Lamb

Keeleco Whale; Keeleco NEW 100% recycled range from Keel Toys. These toys manufactured and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester from plastic waste. Weighted with recycled glass beads, these floppy toys perfectly designed for hugging by a loving new friend. Traditional glass eyes replaced with recycled polyester embroidered eyes which give a unique, and playful character to these Eco soft toys.

The iconic Keel symbol and hang tag now formed from FSC card and attached to the toy with recycled polyester thread. Even the sew in label recycled, and all manufactured in an ICTI ethically audited factory. Designed in the UK by Keel Toys we Love to Hug!