LEGO 41688 Friends Magical Caravan Horse Set

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Product Description: LEGO 41688 Friends Magical Caravan Horse Set

LEGO 41688 Friends Magical Caravan Horse Set;

  • The LEGO Friends fairground set features a kids’ vintage caravan toy vehicle pulled by a horse figure and a fortune-teller’s tent
  • Kids can explore the toy caravan with its stove, table and hidden toilet,
  • Play out stories inside and care for the horse toy
  • The caravan’s roof hinges open to allow easy access for little fingers to play with the stove or twist the tap to fill a bucket for the horse
  • Kids can amuse their family by predicting their futures in the separate fortune-teller’s tent with a crystal ball or cards
  • Includes 2 LEGO Friends mini dolls, and horse and owl figures, meaning there are lots of ways to enjoy creative roleplay
  • Connects to other LEGO Friends Magical Funfair sets: Roller Coaster 41685, Magical Acrobatics 41686, or Magical Funfair Stalls 41687