Moorlands Box of 20 Ivory Candles


Box Set of 20 Candles

Size: Height 100mm x Diameter 14mm
Burn time: 1.5 hours

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Product Description: Moorlands Box of 20 Ivory Candles

Moorlands Box of 20 Ivory Candles, by Moorlands Dipped Candles. 100mm x 14mm, Burn time 1.5 hours

Size: Height 100mm Diameter 14mm
Burn Time: 1.5 Hours
Box Set of 20 Candles

About Moorlands Candles

Moorlands Dipped Candles a British Company from Alston in Cumbria that have been hand dipping candles since 1981.

Moorlands candles unlike many others, are 100% solid colour and not cheaper white candle that has been just surface finished in colour.

Family firm led with enthusiasm by the founder Ted Thompson and while now in his 70’s, his strongly bonded team, will no doubt carry what Ted founded almost 40 years ago well into the future.  Salago have been selling this merchandise to the consumer for over 30 years and never in all that time has been a dissatisfied customer!

Recently Moorlands have had the good fortune of supplying the candles which illuminate the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Featured their candles for films such as Mr Turner and Mr Holmes, and TV productions of Jekyll and Hyde, Dickensian and Victoriana.

Salago have every confidence in offering this quality range that comes at very good prices.

Part of the Moorlands Dipped Candles range stocked online also available in our shop.