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Product Description: Singularity Book

Singularity Book. The main person in this book a highly talented young scientist who’s convinced of the revolutionary effects of artificial intelligence. His girlfriend, a physician, is sceptical about this vision of the future. She contradicts him every time, but it has no effect. Then he’s called up to be a university professor in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence and Humanities’. They go on holiday one more time, for a period of relaxation in a natural environment. There’s an unexpected encounter with a highly developed man, the only one able to speak about the arguments against singularity and posthumanism-

‘But there may come a time in which the information cloud can spread out across the entire cosmos at a speed greater than the speed of light. Even radiate through black holes into extra-cosmic worlds – that is, into areas we cannot yet know.

“I think you understand singularity to mean that all ordinary, known laws lose their meaning and that something explodes, as it were, so that the whole of existence, space and time and people, take on a different form. This is called singularity, and considered to be a faculty of artificial intelligence, whereby the computing capacity of man increases thanks to AI in such a way that you can do in one second, what you cannot do in a whole life. Isn’t that what it is?”

“That’s what it is, yes…”

… “Of course the chess player also thinks and asks himself what the countermove will be when he does this or that. Of course he cannot overview all possible moves, the computer cannot do that either, but it can calculate them all one after the other. What is completely out of sight, however, is that it is about a game and that it is the joy of the game. You have to be able to play a game well, but you also have to be able to make mistakes. It’s not about one perfection fighting with the other perfection, because then there’s no point at all. It’s about enjoying the game.”


“A book that enters into the greatest spiritual struggle of the present in a powerful way.

Gerold Aregger, Gegenwart 3/2019


Singularity. Dialogues on artificial intelligence and spirituality – Mieke Mosmuller – 9789075240603