Stockmar 4 Colour Pencil


Just like the Lyra 4 colour Pencil you had before, but now a Stockmar house brand version. It’s a lovely easy to grip octagon shape and we LOVE the colour out-put on this one.

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Product Description: Stockmar 4 Colour Pencil

Stockmar 4 Colour Pencil, 

Steiner Waldorf Schools use Stockmar Art Materials widely, by reason of their exceptional qualities. Stockmar crayons created from beeswax and colour fast pigments. Adhere well to smooth and rough drawing paper as well as parchment, rafia, cloth, metal and glass. Used for many types of arts and crafts including Transparencies, Paper Batik and Encaustic work.

The sticks are particularly suitable for the younger child. With just the three primary colours of yellow, red and blue, they can by overlaying them, experience how a multitude of other colours result. Blocks also lend themselves to the creation of a picture background that can then be detailed using the crayon sticks.

A cost-effective alternative can be to buy individual blocks and sticks. Another option can be to make your own colour selection to fill a handmade crayon case (one of ours or your own creation)