The Near-Death Experience


This book is about the riddle of life asked from the perspective of the near-death experience. It begins with knowledge recently acquired through scientific research, and goes on to consider the role of direct experience in answering our questions about the nature of the human soul and spirit in relation to the cosmos.

Drawing on the work of Michael Sabom and Rudolf Steiner, this is an insightful exploration of a fascinating human experience.

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Product Description: The Near-Death Experience

  • Considers the big questions of life from the perspective of near-death experience
  • Draws on both direct experience and scientific research
  • Inspired by the work of Michael Sabom and Rudolf Steiner

An insightful study into near-death experience, drawing on the work of Michael Sabom and Rudolf Steiner.

Publisher: SteinerBooks, Inc
ISBN: 9781584209324
Number of pages: 134
Dimensions: 203 x 127 mm