Waldorf Doll Boy Large


  • Height is 40cm (16ins).
  • Dark Haired Boy wearing cotton print trousers and a yellow button up cardigan.
  • Yellow shoes.
  • Has cream coloured cotton underwear.

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Product Description: Waldorf Doll Boy Large

Waldorf Doll Boy Large.

These dolls result from a concept of creating a simple but nicely profiled doll suggested by the philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The doll needs to invoke the child’s imagination, and hence the wish not to block this, by giving big mouths, nose or ears etc. Each doll is very special and hand made using 99% natural materials and stuffed with soft sheep fleece.

Claudia van der Stok, their creator comments

‘The making of a doll like giving birth every time, with the head first which gives measure to the body. The skin material is 100% wool as it doesn’t pick up the dirt as easily as cotton. It is hard to come by, usually I find jumpers new in the sale or second hand in very good conditions or even wool cloth knitted by machine by a friend.

Once I have finished the doll it takes me at least as much time once more to make the little clothes, also made with much love too.

For me it is a labour of love and the joy to create. I hope the dolls will bring much joy for children for years to come’.

Each doll is a one off and our photo is supplemented by a description of that particular doll.


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