Children’s Books

When you read a book to a child, you can create a gift for life!

Jim Pilkington, the Chair Partner of Salago

Comments that looking back some 60 years. He can still remember with great fondness, Sunday evenings in the living room of the Headmaster’s sister, listening to ‘The Children of The Forest’.

The trick of course, is to read the story to the children, as though it is a real experience of your own and not in flat monotone voice. Live the book and tell the children! Chuck in the occasional phrase of your own if you like: ‘Now what is going to happen next?
In the child, it invokes their sense of wonder, and it is that which creates this gift of a lifetime.

Children books we offer especially selected as well suited, for giving this special experience because of the human contact. Will no doubt outweigh anything they see on TV.

Floris Children’s Books 

Tremendous range of children’s books by Floris Books and each half year, add well in excess of 15 titles. All beautifully published and usually with exceptional artwork. In the coming months, we shall adding more and more titles. For your guidance we will at the end of each quarter, provide a list of the top selling ones, as they have been in Salago. Books by illustrator Gerda Muller a series of books from Swedish illustrator Elsa Beskow.

Children's Book section in our shop in Totnes Devon

Hawthorn Press Children’s Books

Have a more limited selection but their stories about Findus have brought delight to many a child.

Landy Books

Feature stories about a Land Rover, Fender and Landy. In these publications there is story of itself. After some years of very successful marketing, Land Rover claimed the books broke their copyright and had to be withdrawn. What a blunder by Land Rover! Sew the seed of the charm of the Land Rover and see your sales of the vehicle in future decades rocket. In the end common sense did prevail and we are glad to say that these delightful children’s books are now back on the market.

Usborne Books

New for 2019 a range of children’s books by Usborne Books stocked online or in our shop. Books for all children’s ages including some traditional ones, also craft and how to do books. Some magic painting books.  

Both Floris and Hawthorn Press

Publish books for adults. In the coming months we shall be adding a selection of these. Particularly those that focus on family life in our Parenting section, including education, and ecology and social relationships.