Rudolf Steiner

Introducing Rudolf Steiner

This incredibly gifted person Rudolf Steiner was born in 1865 in Croatia, then part of Austria and died in Dornach, Switzerland in 1925. Over the course of his life, he brought much new thought to the nature of the human being and the Universe around us. His concepts applied in many areas of life and notably in Education, Bio dynamic Gardening, Agriculture, and Medicine. Just over 100 years ago, he commented that our challenges in the 21st Century would not be so much worldwide war but natural disaster. How true his predictions have proved, for here we are with climatic change threatening the future of the Earth and covid-19, the human being.

If you are new to these ideas of Rudolf Steiner and wish to learn more, it suggested to start by reading one of the biographies about him and then perhaps proceed to ‘Founding a Science of the Spirit’ and followed by ‘The Enigma of Evil’ which we mention if you click below on further information. Alternatively, a very informative book written by Jonathan Black ‘The Secret History of the World’, who while drawing much of its content from the concepts of Rudolf Steiner, also considers other sources. It is out of print, but we do usually have some used copies on offer.

Other Books and Magazines

Some books like ‘Knowledge of Higher Worlds’ or ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’ really do test your mind and probably better read as a member of small study group, for you can easily spend a whole evening just working through just a few pages.

Offered on the website here a small selection of books, some of which have been discounted. You will also find the magazine ‘New View’ that deals with topical matters from the viewpoint of authors who are familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s writings. It now has a published price of £7 but to support this informative magazine and make it more affordable, we offer at £4.50.

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